The power of a name

In the modern marketplace, the name or logo under which a product is sold can be as valuable, or more so, than the technology in the product itself. The goodwill a company generates over time through the repeated advertisement, production, and sale of a quality product under a certain mark can be captured by trademarking that name, logo or phrase. We at Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP take great pride in doing so, and having done so for a long time.

Whether it be the initial stage of searching for the right mark and rendering opinions assuring such marks are free to use in connection with the goods or services in question, or advocating on behalf of our clients as their applications navigate through the registration process of the US Patent & Trademark Office, we are able to be of assistance in acquiring and maintaining these valuable pieces of intellectual property.

Our partners, associates, agents, and paralegals also have a wealth of experience with all the nuances of trademark practice as well, from inter partes proceedings before the USPTO; to the clearance and obtaining of domain name registrations; to the procedures required to obtain marks in countries and jurisdictions around the world, be they national applications, Madrid Protocol applications, state trademarks, or even common law trademarks. As trademarks are unlike patents in the sense that they can be renewed, we also understand the importance of a docketing infrastructure to ensure, among other things, that Section 8 & 15 declarations are timely filed, and that our clients are provided with ample advance notice of upcoming renewal deadlines, as well as any other date of significance including those for filings of statements of use, specimens, and the like. We also are active in negotiating license agreements enabling our clients to gain royalties for their marks, or use those of others.

If you or your company are in need of counsel in protecting the valuable trademarks it has generated, we at Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP stand ready to help.