Focus On Service:

Spotlight on Mr. Robin O

By Phillip M. Pippenger - September 30, 2014

As some of you may know, Robin O is not one to toot his own horn, so we want to take the opportunity this month to tell everyone a little bit more about him.

By way of background, Robin graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree (Electrical Engineering) in 2005. After several years in industry, Robin joined MMH to apply and expand the experience he had gained, and Robin’s familiarity with complex tools and systems has served our clients well.

Although he started with us as a technical assistant, Robin is now more than halfway through his law degree coursework at Loyola University. We look forward to someday welcoming Robin to the associate ranks, but it’s safe to say that his days of being the new kid on the block are long past.

Some of you may already know all that about Robin; but what you might not know is that Robin is also a daring and adventurous cook. He is a man who’s edible creations were once questionable, then became palatable, and now seem to be heading towards respectable. And who knows — after Robin graduates and has more free time, his cooking may even become good. And for those who are wondering if Robin likes pina coladas and walks in the rain? I seriously doubt it, but he does enjoy running and walking on the Chicago lakeshore when he’s not working or studying.

As our practice and capabilities continue to expand, Robin continues to play a valuable role in both the Mechanical Practice Group and the Electrical/Software Practice Group. Suffice it to say, Robin is one of numerous highly qualified and capable MMH professionals who go above and beyond every day to protect your intellectual property. To learn more about our professionals and our capabilities, please call us at (312)977-9902.