Patent Technologies

We protect your ideas by using legal and industry expertise.

Coming out of leading corporations with practical experience complementing their academic training, the professionals at Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP offer clients expertise in mechanical, chemical, electrical, biotechnology and business method arts. With strong business backgrounds, MMH partners understand the needs of the client and are ready to work on their behalf ensuring their work product is protected.

Mechanical Arts

As former engineers, the Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP partners bring their extensive mechanical training and backgrounds to provide patent service for the elements in the mechanical invention — from construction to robotics.
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Chemical Arts

The Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP team has extensive practical experience in chemistry and chemical engineering. These industries have seen significant advances and innovation over time which increases the need to protect your innovations in these areas. Our practice in this area also includes a specialty in green chemistry.
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Electrical & Software Arts

We have a talented team of professionals at Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP with extensive practical and educational backgrounds in electrical engineering, including experience at Argonne National Laboratory and American Power Conversion prior to joining Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP.
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Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Arts

As an evolving industry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical technologies are in high demand. Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP is ready to serve universities and corporations, domestic or international with their patent needs in these areas.
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Business Method Arts

Business methods patents are extremely difficult to obtain in light of current case law. As lawyers with a business sense, Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP understands the industries it serves and its clients’ business methods.
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Green Technology Arts

Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP has been actively working to protect environmentally friendly technology and the green arts for years.
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