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Are Your Ideas Protected?

Your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets. With legal standards and patent office regulations in flux, now more than ever it is important to have experienced counsel help you protect your intellectual property. Who is watching over these important company assets for you?

Safeguard Your Ideas

Your IP firm should be one of your strongest allies to help protect your growth and your future. Does your IP firm understand the ins and outs of your line of business? Can they quickly join your team and guard your innovations, providing expert counsel and guidance along the way? Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP professionals join your team in a moment’s notice – ready to help you solve your IP challenges and work alongside your team until project completion.

Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP partners with its clients to provide superior patent prosecution and counseling services from the first idea session, all the way to product launch. Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP clients benefit from the level of experience and expertise one would expect to find at the largest IP firms but at a lower price point, thanks to their boutique firm size. As a client of Miller, Matthias & Hull LLP, you will benefit from a diverse patent law knowledge base. The MMH team has extensive experience in mechanical, pharmaceutical, green and organic chemistry, electrical, biotechnology, electro-mechanical, nanotechnology, software and business method patent law.

Review the client list on this web site to see for yourself the innovative companies that depend on MMH. Most of our clients have longstanding relationships with the firm. If you have recognized the need for a tenacious intellectual property firm to work on your behalf, we encourage you to contact us and meet with one of the MMH partners to learn more about the firm.